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PERFECT ZERO-TOUCH GADGET TO PREVENT GERMS – Hands-Free Door Opener Tool is designed to keep you safe and stop the spread by limiting exposure to infected surfaces in day-to-day activities


• MULTIPURPOSE DOOR OPENER includes a stylus, and bottle opener, the key or germ hook can be used as a sanitary door opener, no-touch button-pusher tool, keychain tool, keychain stylus, anti touch stick tool or anti-germ utility tool for infected Handles, Locks,  Elevators, ATMs, Keypads, Switches, Sinks, Gas Pumps, Levers, Payment Machines, Trash Bins, and Stylus Tip works on most Touchscreens,  and much more.


• COMFORTABLE, COMPACT & DURABLE – can hook  or attach easily in pockets, belt straps, bags or purses and a small hole for a keychain or carabiner.



Setup:$50.00 - 1 location  1 color 


LM001190 Stainless Steel NO Touch Tool with Stylus and Bottle Opener

  • Price:$4.20

    Setup:$50.00 - 1 location  1 color 

    Min: 150

Prices are subject to change