Extraordinary Teams is a team building assessment and soft-skills training program that measures five indicators of extraordinary teams. Based on the book "Extraordinary Groups," this team building training package includes corporate training materials to help teams and team members build the effective teamwork skills that improve performance using an online assessment, participant workbook, and training workshop. Order one facilitator set per trainer.


Facilitator Guide includes:


  • Comprehensive background information
  • Instructions for administering the online team assessment
  • Step-by-step guidelines for the half-day workshop
  • Action planning exercises
  • USB flash drive
  • Facilitator support materials
  • Microsoft PowerPoint presentation
  • Sample Participant Materials
  • Team Report
  • Participant Workbook

Facilitator Guide Table of Contents: 


  • Introduction
  • About the Extraordinary Teams Workshop
  • What to Do First
  • Theoretical Background
  • The Development of the Extraordinary Teams Inventory
  • The Extraordinary Teams Model
  • Five Indicators of Extraordinary Teams
  • How is the Inventory Administered?
  • The Bellman and Ryan Field Study
  • Preparing for the Workshop
  • The Extraordinary Teams Workshop
  • Supplementary Information
  • Appendix
  • Please note: Trainer certification is not required to administer the assessment or facilitate the workshop.

Extraordinary Teams - Facilitator Set

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