Provides an overview of alcohol abuse and its effects on the mind and body. This pamphlet begins with a look at the attitudes toward alcohol in this country and the effect of advertising on our feelings about alcohol. It describes what ethanol is, where it comes from, and explains Blood Alcohol Content.  Stresses that it is illegal for young people under the age of 21 to consume alcohol. Particular attention is paid to the effects of alcohol on the brain and mental and physical function. Includes information on liver disease and increased damage to the heart as a result of drinking, as well as the devastating effects of alcoholism. The pamphlet concludes with the very real risks associated with drinking that include drunk driving, poor performance in school, work and personal relationships. The reader is left with a challenge to realize all of the negative consequences associated with alcohol use and is encouraged to stay way from booze.

In the Know: Alcohol - How It Affects The Body Pamphlet

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