Leading Across Differences - Facilitator Set

Includes paperback Casebook & paperback Facilitator Guide


Table of Contents:

  • Foreword (Maxine Dalton and Marian Ruderman)
  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • Purpose
  • Audience
  • The Organization of This Book
  • How to Use This Book
  • PART ONE: Leadership Across Differences Framework

    Societal Landscape

    Organizational Context



    Triggering Event

    Leadership Practices

    Increased Direction, Alignment, and Commitment

    Organizational Outcomes

  • PART TWO: Cases

    Case 1: Race and Respect

    Case 2: Water Crises

    Case 3: Floating Holidays

    Case 4: Not My Weekend

    Case 5: It's Their Fault

    Case 6: The Scent of Difference

    Case 7: Not Catching On

    Case 8: Glass Ceiling at Big Boy Toys

    Case 9: Super Drugs

    Case 10: The Right to Be Pregnant

    Case 11: Local Bombing

    Case 12: Benefits Battle

    Case 13: Francois' Dilemma

  • PART THREE: Perspectives

    Social Identity: Understanding the In-Group/Out-Group Group Phenomenon (Stella M. Nkomo)

    Triggers of Social Identity Conflict (Marian N. Ruderman and Donna Chrobot-Mason)

    Organizational Faultlines (Astrid C. Homan and Karen A. Jehn)

    Leadership Practices Across Social Identity Groups (Marian N. Ruderman, Sarah Glover, Donna Chrobot-Mason, and Chris Ernst)

    Cultural Values (Shalom Schwartz)

    Approaches to Difference: Allophilia and Xenophobia (Todd L. Pittinsky)

    Cultural Intelligence: A Pathway for Leading in a Rapidly Globalizing World (Linn Van Dyne, Soon Ang, and David Livermore)

    Social Justice and Dignity (Philomena Essed)

    Miasma: The Dynamics of Difference (Ancella B. Livers and Robert F. Solomon, Jr.)

    Leading Across Cultural Groups: Implications of Self-Concept (Dharm P.S. Bhawuk and Vijayan P. Munusamy)

    Leader Values and Authenticity (Todd J. Weber)

    Leading Through Paradox (Jeffrey Yip)

  • PART FOUR: Exercises

    Exercise 1: Mapping Your Social Identities

    Exercise 2: Your Experience with Triggers

    Exercise 3: Identifying Fault lines

    Exercise 4: Cultural Values

    Exercise 5: Approaches to Difference

    Exercise 6: Cultural Intelligence (CQ)

    Exercise 7: Your Leadership Practices

    Exercise 8: Examining Your Leadership Networks

    Exercise 9: Taking a New Perspective

  • Glossary
  • Recommended Reading/Resources
  • References
  • About the Contributors
  • About the Editors


Leading Across Differences - Facilitator Set


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