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Drinking and driving is a dangerous combination. Learn how many drinks you can consume and what the law says about driving while intoxicated or driving under the influence of alcohol. Use this reference tool to learn about the law, risks to you and your friends as well as how to avoid bad situations. The cost calculator gives you an idea as to how many drinks the typical person can consume before being considered legally "drunk." This educational guide teaches the dangers of consuming alcohol. Not only is it a risk factor to those around you but it is also a health concern for yourself. Great for teenagers and adults.

Interactive learning is easy with this sliding informational card. Each bullet point is augmented with interesting information provided through a clear viewing window. The two-sided pocket slider is made on high quality, glossy card stock that is durable and fun to use.

- Quality card stock with gloss coating
- High perceived value

LM2208 Drinking and Driving: Blood Alcohol Level Calculator

  • Min: 300 pcs

    Setup :$35 - 1 Color

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