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This Awesome Mystique Mug features an invisble logo. The top picture is what the mug looks like when it is cool. Your invisble logo appears when hot liquid is poured into the mug. This mug will quickly become your favorite mug !!
Hand wash recommended and microwave safe

Comfortable four finger D-handle Note:

Mystique® coating disappears as mug heats up to reveal hidden message

One Color Screen printed clue on top of Mystique® hints to your hidden artwork.

Mystique Clue: A "Clue" is a screen printed slogan, message or logo that is imprinted over the Mystique and remains there when the mug is cold or hot

Dye sublimation with Mystique®



Available in 11 oz : $15.99 

LM4100 Equal Opportunity 15 oz. Mystique Mug

  • Minimum: 72 pieces


    Available in 11 oz : $15.99 

Prices are subject to change

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