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Our NEW Showcase series allows you to present your products in a customizable and effective way, if you are displaying, shoes, clothing, books, or manufacturing parts. This product includes four shelves and two support posts allowing you to showcase your products by either presenting flat on the shelves or hanging items from optional hooks, or a combination of both. The shelves can be positioned at three angles, allowing multiple presentation possibilities. 10ft QuickZip Showcase Kit A Includes:

  • 1 10ft High Resolution Zippered Tension Fabric Graphic Print
  • 1 10ft Aluminum Snap Tube Frame
  • 2 LED Lights 1 Durable Hard Case* with Wheels 1 Podium Kit, With Graphic Print 4 Black Metal Shelves with Hook Slots 2 Lightweight Support Poles 8 Shelf Mounting Clips with positions for three angles

All prices are exclusive of Artwork, Setups, Tax and Freight.

LM7205 QuickZip Showcase - Kit A

  • Full color on Podium and backdrop 

Prices are subject to change

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