This educational awareness game is a great tool to use as an icebreaker or at your next training event. If your thumb lands on Silver, the person catching the ball must answer the question. If your thumb lands on Teal, the individual can direct the question to another team member. Use this item to educate your team about Sexual Assault. Min Qty : 1

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Thumball Questions 

1. What is MST (Military Sexual Trauma)?
2. Name a reason why a victim may choose not to report a sexual assault?
3. Give a reason for the underreporting of male on male sexual assault?
4. What is reprisal?
5. What are some fear factors in reporting sexual harassment and assault?
6. What is a perpetrator?
7. What is sexual assault?
8. If someone is a victim of sexual assault and want to file an unrestricted report, to whom may they report?
9. Name a myth about sexual assault?
10. Why are male servicemen perceived as safer from sexual harassment and sexual assault?
11. Can sexual harassment possibly lead to sexual assault?
12. What is sexual harassment?
13. How does sexual assault and harassment impact mission readiness and undermine the military’s core values?
14. What is consent?
15. Can someone under the influence of drugs or alcohol give consent?
16. What regulation covers sexual assault?
17. Describe Quid Pro Quo.
18. What are the two options for reporting incidents of sexual assault?
19. Why is it important to report sexual assault & sexual harassment?
20. What is the difference between Restricted and Unrestricted reporting?
21. If someone is a victim of sexual assault and wants file a restricted report, to whom may they report?
22. What are some safety measures that can be used to help prevent sexual assault?
23. What is the number for your organization’s safe helpline?
24. Who is your Sexual Harassment and Assault Coordinator? Where are they located?
25. What is victim blaming?
26. What are date rape drugs? Can you name one?
27. Prevention of sexual harassment is whose responsibility?
28. What are the appropriate actions to stop sexual harassment?
29. Who is responsible for the Sexual Harassment and Response Programs at the unit level?
30. Name the 5 steps of Bystander Intervention?
31. If a victim of sexual assault knows the perpetrator, can it still be classified as sexual assault?
32. Toss Again


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LM8555-7 Sexual Assault Prevention Thumball

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