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Tall Ships is a learning exercise that tasks teams to work together under pressure to build the tallest ship mast possible at the lowest cost. In Tall Ships, teams are assembled to represent imaginary boat-building companies that have been chosen by "The Seven Seas Company" to bid on a big contract for designing and building a tall ship. In order for a team to be awarded the winning bid, they must first demonstrate they can successfully embody the "Seven C's" upon which The Seven Seas Company is founded: Clarity, Capability, Collaboration, Commitment, Communication, Continuous Improvement, and Creativity.

Each complete game includes materials to simultaneously train three teams of five to seven participants. All parts except for the participant guides are reusable. Additional participant guides are available for individual purchase. For training sessions with more than three teams, order one game pack for each additional group of five to seven participants. 

Tall Ships Game - Complete Kit

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    No Decoration 

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