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Each complete game includes materials for five teams of 3-5 participants working simultaneously. The kit includes:


  • 1 Facilitator Guide
  • Thumb Drive with PowerPoint presentation and other digital assets
  • 25 Participant Workbooks
  • 5 puzzle sets (one per team)
  • 1 set of 5 laminated instruction cards (one per team)
  • 1 set of team ID sticker sheets (sufficient for up to 25 participants)

For smaller groups, it is possible to play with four teams of three participants. (It is also possible to run multiple games at the same time; for more participants, order the Extra Game Pack.) All parts except for the participant guides and stickers are reusable.


The Rainforest Game is an insightful, realistic hands-on simulation designed to provide individuals with the opportunity to experience communicating and collaborating across both internal and external boundaries that simulate working in a remote and dispersed team.


As participants work both within and across groups to complete the simulation, they must face their assumptions about intra- and inter-team dynamics. In doing so, participants build awareness of the importance of cooperation, the challenges inherent in inter-team communications, and the significance of creating and sustaining effective partnerships.

The Rainforest Game

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