Values Edge System
by Dennis Jaffe and Cynthia Scott


Exploring personal values is more than inner discovery and understanding what makes people tick. In a world that's in a constant state of flux, values are what remain steadfast and true. They're the driving force behind personal action and a beacon of focus in turbulent times. Successful organizations recognize the business case for value clarity, and they know that connecting personal values to organizational strategy is the vital link to employee engagement, commitment, a healthy culture - and a competitive advantage.

Based on more than 20 years of experiential research, authors Dr. Cynthia Scott and Dr. Dennis Jaffe developed The Values Edge System: An Exercise in Personal and Team Discovery, a powerful training tool that clarifies personal values, enhances relationships, strengthens team performance, renews organizational culture, and inspires innovation. It makes making sense of values simple by putting them on the table, literally.

The Values Edge System is an excellent catalyst for gaining personal insight, coaching individuals, sparking employee engagement, improving teamwork, and aligning culture. Use it with anyone in your organization, from frontline employees to executive management team members - and everyone in between.

Values Edge System

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